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Our Story

We wondered. What could possibly make Skaneateles—our near-perfect hometown—even better? At the head of a glacial, clear lake, surrounded by rolling hills, farms, and orchards; Defined by a charming main street with a small-town vibe that reminds you to relax; Skaneateles was still missing something.

And so began the twinkle of an idea that became the labor of love that is now the Skaneateles Brewery. Our brewery is the first to make beer locally in over 100 years, and the essential ingredients are still right here, just as they were a century ago: fresh, pure water from Skaneateles Lake and locally grown hops.

To those we added an inspiring location and a set of good friends to build the taproom and brewery by hand, to create each inventive batch of beer, and to make visitors feel like family.

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